Lorin A.

My first experience with a remodel, but not new to construction. I am so pleased I had an excellent referral on Bridges Const. to rely on. Obtained the bid, guessed it upward by a few thousand because I know myself! I went to the supply store they recommended and had a ball! I just picked out what I really liked and wanted and tallied up the excess over the allowance and decided this was likely the only remodel for that bathroom while I own the house, so went for it! And no regrets! The workmen were timely - always! In fact, I had to ask if they were ever late! I was able to be at home for most of it, but oh my the noise. When/if I do the kitchen, I will disappear during the demo stage!! However, glad I was around for the rest and the workmen were most attentive to keeping the dust down with plastic sheets hung all over, etc. Each tradesman was a professional and worked diligently during their time here. All in all, it was a tad costly, but most of that is my choices. . . . I mean, I just couldn't say no to that gorgeous $2700 medicine cabinet!! And the $1500 vanity with only 2 drawers! Life is choices and I am glad I made mine for Bridges Construction.
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