Karen Critor

Karen Critor
This is an updated report from my original.  At the time of that report all the remodeling was complete and we were just waiting for the paint crew to return to make corrections.  That never happened.

We were pleased with the results of the kitchen remodel.  Every thing looks beautiful and was done in a professional manner.

We were less pleased with the painting done in some of the rooms.  The primer paint was applied unevenly  leaving flat areas of paint when spray painted.  Some repairs that were made were not primed so they appear flat.  The paint was applied too thinly in the two bathrooms leaving white paint showing through the colored paint.  In the bathroom where I shower and blow dry my hair there were some two dozen short hairs blown against the back wall where they stayed caught in the condensation. They didn't bother to wipe down the wall and just spray painted over.  The hairs can be seen under the paint.  We were told by the contractor that the job was complete and the paint crew would not be returning.  These are not cosmetic touch-ups but serious errors made by the paint crew.

For this reason we cannot recommend this contractor to our friends and neighbors.
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